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1 11 Mar 2022 06:37 pm

in response to: 10th February 2022

Hi Kristi and Jack,

I think what you two are doing is brilliant! I, too, am sick of how this ‘virus’ has affected my day to day interactions - whether it be medical discrimination barring me from entry, losing friends, or simply not being allowed to breathe (does anyone else feel faint when wearing a stupid mask?). I know that this is quite a late reply, but I figured better late than never.

Although the mandates have finally started to die down, who knows when they’ll bring them back? And regardless, as you stated, there are many problems with how this government is run, in general. I appreciate that you are the private type (I am too!) and therefore the fact that you decided to do something about this is pleasing to hear. I know that I am one person, but I hope my membership helps :)

I’m excited to see where this ride leads.

2 11 Mar 2022 06:26 pm

in response to: I voted 'Wages'

Hi Kristi,

It’s a shame how much information and knowledge from the past is seemingly conveniently ‘forgotten’ in the present day. I do consider myself lucky that I am learning this much, at my age.

I really do hope you and your party succeed. We need to bring back the systems of the past that were still working. The fact that houses are so outrageously difficult to own nowadays is ridiculous and something needs to give. Hopefully it’s the evil policies that get the boot.

3 11 Mar 2022 06:17 pm

in response to: Respect for the Indigenous Culture

Hi ngulamung,

Sorry for the delay in reply.

It’s really upsetting to hear that even the small amount of my knowledge of the Indigenous cultures are wrong. As that shows that no one in power regards the Aboriginal peoples and their cultures/language to be a priority.

Since when is learning any language/culture easy? xD And of course I’d love to learn more! Especially in regards to pronunciation… But that’s really fascinating - how integral balance/counter balance is to the Aboriginal people. Seems like there is a lot we can learn from our Indigenous friends (obviously).

4 26 Feb 2022 12:31 am

in response to: The Education System

ngulamung, you wouldn’t happen to still have any of your old teaching college texts, would you?

Or perhaps you can remember the titles or the authors? We might be able to track down copies that way.

5 26 Feb 2022 12:27 am

in response to: The Education System

Hi Lux, thank you for doing such a great job of painting a picture of today’s high school student. HSC (Year 12 in NSW) was high-pressure when I did it but it’s worse now. You’re right about intrinsic motivation, that is the best way of learning anything and you’re also right that it’s the most fun. The video was interesting and, as you say, spent time spelling out the differences between extrinsic and intrinsic.

I think part of the problem with the education regime, at least in NSW, is that the one-year Diploma of Education was dropped in favour of the four-year Bachelor of Education. I’d like to see experienced industry practitioners encouraged into teaching and it seems to me that re-introducing the Dip Ed would help.

6 17 Feb 2022 09:18 am

in response to: The Education System

That is probably the most profound thing I’ve read in recent days ngulamung! In what years did this knowledge disappear - am wondering if we GenX were victims of it?

Would seriously appreciate a list of any of those 34 you can name offhand please. Are you able to send/refer us any materials such as old textbooks or whatever you had access to when learning this yourself?

(As an aside the home schoolers in the US actively seek out old textbooks for their kids, which are highly prized for their educational content - stuff dating to the late 1800s-early 1900s isn’t unheard of! Grammar and basic maths don’t date.)

School failed our kids and I"ll never forgive. They’re ok now but those were horrible years for them. (And us by association!) We have regretted not ever considering home schooling as an option - stupid as it sounds we didn’t even know it was an option.

Please share more as to how multiple generations can all learn together under the same tree. I’m ready to have my mind blown!

7 17 Feb 2022 12:37 am

in response to: The Education System

Hi Kristi

A learning threshold appears in every child’s early development, one threshold for every one of an arbitrary 34 skills. Actually, I am sure there are more than 34.

Let me give you an early example. Every child or toddler suddenly and spontaneously develops an urge to express combined gross and fine motor development by being fixated with a ball. A well-trained teacher spots the urge and provides a ball to catch. The child quickly catches on and becomes proficient in minutes or hours.

However, if the supervising adult does not perceive the learning threshold, it may disappear in days or weeks. Later in life, it will take many days, months or even years to develop the same skill.

This is why proficient teachers call for no more than 15 students per teacher, in order to enable the teacher to spot these spikes of all-consuming interest. Every child is different. They develop these spikes of interest unpredictably; a different age for every kid.

Having said this, I am sure every parent recalls one of these thresholds, where their child is utterly fixated with climbing the monkey bar, throwing a ball, or throwing a somersault. If only we parents had training, we could help our kids to develop optimally.

Back to the ball skill, Aboriginal parents and grandparents are well-tuned to catching and throwing skills, which is why so many Aborigines are superb football players, especially AFL.

A crap teacher simply caters to an average or mediocre schedule for skills development. Most kids miss out.

Our school will include toddlers, kids, teenagers, adults and old people, all under the same tree. Streaming will be banned as destructive.

8 16 Feb 2022 11:12 pm

in response to: The Education System

Hi ngilamung,

Hoping Lux replies to your post(s) later, but can’t not pop in here!!

Not yet watched the video but looking forward to it (thanks Lux, queued up for later this week when more time!) - so not sure if it covers what you say. But what please is an example of engaging learning thresholds that help you learn in minutes?

And seriously want to know more about the 23,000+ year old technique.

I am getting the feeling that there would be no such thing as ‘a slow learner’ and ‘dumb kids dragging the rest of the class behind’ anymore were these implemented everywhere?

9 16 Feb 2022 10:57 pm

in response to: I voted 'Wages'

Welcome aboard Lux!

What you describe are genuine concerns that will only get worse for each successive generation because of one enormous elephant in the room ignored by all politicians - ‘economic rent’, or the unearned income, especially from land.

Worse, this concept was widely known in classical economics but is unheard of today - it is not taught at unis and is completely ignored in modern economics, which is why economists today get everything so wrong and have failed prediction after failed prediction.

Jack can describe this concept much better than me, so I shall leave this as an opening for him to get involved :) We’re GenX and neither of us had ANY idea about any of this stuff which would have been common knowledge up until about the 1930s I believe. it’s disgraceful really, when you discover this stuff, to know how much has been hidden from you.

Henry George I think was the first to popularise this concept in his 1879 book ‘Progress and Poverty’, which was a global bestseller at the time. Canberra I believe was built on his philosophy. But George himself drew on other famous classical economists such as Adam Smith (’the father of economics’) and David Ricardo.

A contemporary classical economist is Michael Hudson who actually does teach this stuff. There are plenty of videos of him you can check out if interested - he’s a better speaker/interviewee than writer ;) It was through him that we learnt of the ‘jubilee’, a clearing of all public debts on the coronation of a new monarch. Private debts remained, but just like that all monies owed the monarch were obliterated and enabled people to start afresh. This too is something conveniently forgotten and ignored.

Oh, and there was no usury way back when either.

But yes, economic rent is the hidden reason for rising costs of housing, land and living coinciding with ever decreasing wages and loss of voting power. I shall ask Jack to reply to this as he really will do a much better job than me. He has read most, if not all, the classic books going right back to Adam Smith’s 1776 magnum opus ‘The Wealth of Nations’.

So wish we had known this stuff at your age - make the most of it!

10 16 Feb 2022 11:17 am

in response to: The Education System


I was a trained primary school teacher, trained in an actual teachers training college, where we learned how to recognise and engage learning thresholds (you can learn in minutes in such occasions, what might take years later in life); and how to facilitate learning experiences by capturing interest… and so on. Actual teaching skills. All these have been lost since teachers were ‘educated’ in universities, a euphemism for the technique of destroying young minds and lives, delivered by the UN, but designed by the Rockefellers and their special mind destruction factories (ie the Trilateral Commission, the Rockefeller Foundation, etc). Your intuition serves you well.

We are currently in the process of establishing the foundation for a new learning system, in which ancient and infant and everyone in between learn together, under a tree. The technique is more than 23,000 years old. The previous post is the signpost.

11 16 Feb 2022 11:02 am

in response to: Respect for the Indigenous Culture

Lux… Such knowledge is available but before you access this you need to understand that pretty much everything you believe about Aboriginal culture is the product of misinterpretation and even outright fabrication. Most is pure disneyesque.

Let’s start with counting: wanygyne, marama, lurrkun, dhambumiru, bingga, darrawa. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, plenty. But lurrkun ga lurrkun = eight, in the unlikely event somebody needs to be that specific. You also need to understand that western counting (number) is purely arbitrary. We decided on ten because of our fingers. Were we an eight finger species it would be different.

There have been two phases of misinformation. The first was attrition, caused by acculturation. People adopted English or pidgen because that is where the easy food came from. The second came from the gullibility of westerners when contemporary Aborigines with no language or cultural knowledge commenced fabricating this. Smoking ceremonies and dancing at parliamentary openings is classic theatre. All copied from movies. All meaningless.

Aboriginal culture is based on family and the science of philosophy, presented in law and Songlines and expressed in daily life.

At least 9000 years before the Chinese conceptualised Yin and Yang, and 12,000 years before the West understood Positive and Negative, our Indigenous understood that the universe is composed of myriad forces interplaying in balance and counterbalance; all being either Yirritja or Dhuwa. Unlike the West and Chinese, they actually incorporated this into all overview of nature, and family and social organisation… seamlessly.

Once you have absorbed this knowledge, you are ready to learn about the rest. But do not expect it to be easy. I have lived this for more than fifty years and I have only scratched the surface. On Muthamul Homeland, in Arnhem Land, we plan to establish a cross-cultural information base that assists people to understand the world and themselves, by using Aboriginal culture as a mirror. I did this successfully with 5000 Europeans over a period of eight years so I have had some practice at this. Many recipients say it changed their lives.

We are preoccupied with physical survival at present but if you are interested in learning, by all means, reply to this post or email on tonyryan43@gmail.com

Thank you John and Kristi.

I am honoured to have the opportunity to help in some way and I am entirely on the same page regarding this venture and politics in general. Given a choice, I would prefer to spend all my waking hours playing lead guitar in a blues-rock band.

Fight on. Your nation needs you, as do I.

Thank you so much ngulamung! We very much appreciate your trust in us, and only from one email swap too. Looking forward very much to your valuable inputs.

100% agree with your comment "99% of the nation’s wisdom and knowledge resides outside of government". Politicians and bureaucrats typically enter those ranks directly from uni and networks obtained via uni - zero actual real-world experience and zero relatability with real people.

Oh, and just so people know - John and I really don’t want to be doing this political stuff! But it’s either try to effect change, or die whinging and moaning about what is coming for all of us - and our kids, forever.

There is truth in the statement that the people in politics are the ones who shouldn’t be in politics - let’s change that for the better! We personally think no one should be allowed to enter politics without some number of years working a real job behind them - and don’t get us started on the revolving door!

(Btw, we’ll get around to uploading photos of ourselves soonish - the logo icon is just a placeholder for now. :) )

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